[fantasy proposals]

for this assignment, students pick a material at random from a hat to serve as the foundation of their proposed projects. Each material has specific characteristics – context, geography, time-period, etc. After researching their material in its larger context, students are asked to determine the specifics they want to expand on for the development of the project. All barriers are removed – they have an unlimited fantasy budget, They can use any spaces in the universe and the ability to transport their material and they audience there. Incorporating the material and their research students need to create a proposal for a performance art-based project, an installation art project, and a project centered in digital/new media (digital imaging, video, software-based projects, etc.)

[analog to digital conversion]

for this assignment, students are asked to choose three [3] unrelated topics/themes that emerge from areas outside the realms of digital art and art in general. The topics can be virtually anything the student feels passionate about. taking their separate topics as inspiration and as source materials, students are asked to create three [3] digital collages that address these issues and the way the topics change in a digital environment. All three works should establish a conversation with each other–like a single body of work or a series.

[printed matter]

for this assignment, students are asked to [Pulling from the images/ideas developed in the analog to digital conversion assignment] create a series of images and texts that will be incorporated into an edition of 20 zines/books designed to be ‘mass-produced’ and distributed. their zine/book should also establish a new “theory” or “proposal” for a system where all these topics intersect.


For this assignment students are asked to work in the development of a narrative –either fictional or non-fictional [or a combination of the two]– that will be presented as a series of GIFS. Students are encouraged to appropriate and re-contextualize any GIFS they find in any online platform. Finally, they are asked to incorporate these components into a blog/website/online initiative.

[digital narratives]

for this assignment students are asked to work in the development of an experimental narrative video. the narratives can be fictional or non-fictional [or a combination of the two]. students are able to appropriate any found footage they find online–but they have to do it in a way that re-contextualizes it.

Aubrey Burgess + Drina McDonald [Spring/17]

Hannah Brown + Allison Reusser [Spring/17]

Dominic Zelli [fall/18]

Nick May [fall/18]

Delyla Bell [fall/18]

Emillie Allen [fall/18]

Emily Webster [fall/18]

bek hoffman [fall/18]